Best ERP software with CRM for customer management

The first thing you should know is that betting on an ERP with CRM is necessary and has a high return. The calculation is that, for every euro you invest, you will receive 8.71 euros in return; this is a high conversion rate and, therefore, it is in your interest to have this tool.

The module system has an added advantage, and that is that you only pay for what you use. This is very interesting for an SME because you will avoid the dreaded underutilization of resources. And you can always activate other compatible modules if you need them in the future. SEIDOR Business One uses SAP technology and is a reference for several reasons.

CRM is all about interacting with your customers and improving customer relationships. And it is important to note that this issue is a priori, during and a posteriori. This software is used to note the customer's history, but also to know what they are interested in and those important appointments.

The aspects to consider when you want to opt for a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are the following:

1. Purpose

The purpose of the CRM you are going to choose is a basic question and you have to ask yourself this question: Where do you want to get to with this tool? And, of course, the software should be able to meet your objectives.

Today you can find a free CRM, but the reality is that the functions it will cover will be limited. That's why it's worth activating a paid module because, most of the time, and if you work with a proven company, it will pay off. By paying only for the module you use, it will be in your best interest.

The advantage of working with SAP Business One is that its CRM solution allows you to perform a comprehensive 360º work with customers. For example, you can monitor the entire customer lifecycle, analyze behavior and see the results of marketing campaigns.

2. Integrations with other modules

The ability to integrate CRM functions with other modules is important, especially if you are in industries such as retail, production, distribution or services. For many companies, an ERP that only works with CRM but does not address mobility will be lame.

Consequently, you should know that in SAP Business One we offer the integration of multiple modules. The result is that your CRM can be integrated with other tools depending on what you are looking for at any given time. What we want is that you can incorporate according to what you need.

3. Updates

Updates are another central aspect if you are looking for a good CRM. One of the problems you may encounter is that your tool becomes outdated, especially in free solutions. This is the reason why we recommend a paid CRM from a reliable company.

In this case, with SEIDOR Business One you will have no problems because it is a proven company with extensive experience in the market. Automatic updates are standard. It is not for nothing that the payment of the module includes this issue.

4. Security

Attacks are one of the concerns of companies when using ERP. The good news is that SAP Business One, the parent company, is a reference in the ERP industry, being the company that has made more implementations in the world. In addition, SAP software technology is the best known in most industries.

As of today, more than 70,000 companies have implemented this system with SAP Business One. Therefore, if you are looking for a trusted, secure and reliable solution, this is a good choice.

5. Accessibility from various devices

Accessibility is another key point when using a CRM. And the advantage of working with SEIDOR Business is that access is guaranteed from computers, tablets, cell phones or other devices. Today you can no longer think in terms of a single device, but the important thing is to know how to manage access.

The idea is that, if you wish, you can manage your customers remotely without the physical office being a constraint. This, in times of pandemic, allows you to maximize the use of your resources and it will be noticed.

6. Ease of implementation

Implementation is another key issue because, at the end of the day, it is all about not creating major difficulties. In SEIDOR Business One, in addition to installing the CRM, we guarantee timely technical support. This will make it possible to solve the problems that arise so that you don't have to stop; no more waiting for days.

The company, when you indicate the solution you need, will tell you the level of difficulty of implementation. As a result, it will be easy to train your staff to adapt to the new system.

7. Automation

Automating processes is essential to avoid wasting time and to get the most out of the tool. A CRM that achieves this is a valuable software because it manages to integrate functions even within the same module. The tool is designed so that changes can be made without having to look elsewhere.

In SEIDOR Business One we provide a CRM that allows you to automate tasks. You will already have the information on time and all fields will be automatically edited when you type one. As a result, you will save time, which will have an impact on improving your ratios.


ERP software with CRM, if it is good, is fundamental and makes the difference. SAP technology is the reference as business software and SEIDOR Business One wanted to offer a comprehensive alternative. The result is the current SAP Business One: CRM Management, which is compatible with other modules.

In SEIDOR Business One you will find several solutions adapted to what your company needs in sectors such as industry, distribution, retail, food, fashion or services.