Top 10 best ERP software for SMEs

An ERP is the business management software you need if the productivity of your company does not meet the objectives you want. With this tool you will be able to optimize the tasks of each area of your company and increase the productivity of your SME in a centralized and fast way.

ERP Software: What is it?

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an enterprise resource management system that helps companies manage their business processes. These systems are used to manage company data, as well as to perform tasks related to inventory management, accounting, finance, human resources, sales and marketing. The main purpose of an ERP is to help companies manage their business processes more efficiently.

For those who are not familiar with it, it is a platform that controls information flows in practically all areas of the company. With a wide range of functionalities, without duplications and in real time. They ensure transparency throughout the business process and provide cohesion to help a business grow. In addition, they can be integrated with CRM software and other programs, so they can form a single system for your business.

ERP software for SMEs

We must take into account several factors, such as the size of the company, our industry, budget, control over the data we want to have within the software, scalability, security and whether we prefer a local ERP or in the cloud, the latter option is more affordable than the former. On the other hand, they offer a quick return on investment, automatic updates and a better use of resources.

We recommend choosing a system in which you have full confidence, since you are going to use it in the long term and it must be able to adapt to the growth of the company.

Below you will find a detailed analysis of the best ERP systems for SMEs.

SAP Business One

Specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies. The ERP SAP Business One, increases the control of the company by streamlining key processes, getting a complete view of your business to make decisions based on real-time information. With this system it is very easy to ensure objectives, being a modular, powerful and intuitive interface. It can be accessed remotely from the cloud through a mobile application, or locally.

Among the most important features are: support for finance and analysis, sales cycle, customer management, reporting and service management, among others. Logistics also stands out, with purchasing and inventory control, which saves costs and manages the entire cycle. On the other hand, business intelligence, with which customizable reports are created with specific metrics and data visualization in real time.


This ERP system, available in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid environment, will help you manage your business whether it is small, medium or large. Ideal for companies that are expanding and entering new markets, it allows you to adapt and grow with your business.

SAP ERP is one of the most dominant in the market, with it you can see the opportunities of your business, make better decisions and faster thanks to real-time information. With hundreds of features ranging from real-time supply chain to financials, reporting and analytics. It offers a very good user experience and a great competitive advantage, machine learning integrated into business processes, so you will always have the latest technologies and solutions. It automates routine functions and helps employees focus on other more valuable activities.

Oracle NetSuite

This ERP program Oracle NetSuite in the cloud, is one of the most complete that we can find in the market. It is a fully customizable system designed to help a company grow. It is intuitive and easy to add functionality and resources as the company needs them.

OracleNetSuite adapts to your needs no matter what industry you come from. Some of the main ERP functions are order management, financial planning and management, production management, supply chain management and even warehousing and logistics needs. Thanks to integrated business intelligence, you can access visual analysis of all the data you need.

Sage Intacct

Considered one of the best ERP software specifically for accounting, you get real-time financial visibility through the cloud across the enterprise. This tool is ideal for financial controls, with extensive automation for cost savings. Sage Intacct ERP is recommended for small and medium-sized businesses, includes applications for project and fund accounting, vendor management, treasury management, financial consolidation, revenue recognition, financial reporting and inventory management.It is a cloud-based program, making it accessible anytime, anywhere; intuitive, easy to learn and navigate.It adapts well to the enterprise and can be integrated with other products to manage functions such as human resources, payroll, sales, etc.


This is an open source, intuitive ERP and CRM that you can download or use in the cloud. Its functionalities include building websites, managing and developing financials, accounting, invoicing, inventory management, marketing, human resources, etc.

Odoo applications will help you automate and track every process of your business. Some sectors that use Odoo are: training companies, consultants, accounting and services. A solution for small and medium businesses in a centralized way and accessible from any place and device. Available with a free version so you can see if it is the ERP system you are looking for.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Like all Microsoft software, this ERP is flexible, scalable, powerful and reliable. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses looking to grow in the future.

This cloud-based program combines traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CMS) solutions into a single platform. It offers several product packages depending on your needs: marketing, sales, finance, human resources among others. Each one comes with certain functions related to your business sector. Allows you to access accurate data at all times to streamline and improve operations and long-term projections. It integrates easily with other Microsoft programs, Microsoft 365 is included in the software which means that employees can work within the ERP program and improve productivity.


Infor ERP stands out for its design and simplicity. In a few clicks you get what you need without further complication. You can see the progress of each job and help employees know how close they are to achieving a goal. Improve productivity by automating processes in a simple way; access real-time visibility; provide scalability as business needs evolve.

You can integrate systems in the cloud quickly, with automatic upgrades to the latest advances in business functionality. Regardless of industry, Infor ERP is ready to deliver complete solutions that drive business results.


The Syspro ERP system is one of the best for manufacturers and distributors, able to show a complete view of all areas of the company, provides the tools to help manage and obtain information from your business. It highlights the innovation and adaptation in the market to get that added value to help your company be more productive.

It can be deployed in the cloud, locally or hybrid, accessing from any device. A comprehensive and scalable solution with accounting, supply chain management, warehouse management, business intelligence and even customer relationship management (CRM) applications.


A cloud-based ERP software, accessible from any device and any location, concentrates all business management on a single platform. What stands out the most about Holded is its simplicity and usability, customizable and adaptable to your company. It automates all processes reducing risks and avoiding human errors.

Create customized invoices and send them online, control the entire business process, create accounting entries in the simplest and fastest way, effectively manage each business project with dates, task lists and facilitating communication in the team in addition to providing and managing the CRM.


The best solution for companies adapted to the digital world, totally in the cloud, is a system built for companies that make use of telework, integrated with customizable collaboration tools, offers added value, scalability, flexibility and efficiency for small and medium growing companies. A program built for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Covers the entire suite of business management applications, from accounting and finance to CRM. It has editions for industries as diverse as construction, distribution, retail, manufacturing, NGOs, mining, insurance, agriculture, utilities, hospitality, healthcare, software and technology, transportation, etc.