US reveals armament projects modern laser fighter

Hotnewstoday: The US military is studying future laser weapons and expected to equip the Air Force's fighter of this country as early as 2022. VnExpress newspaper reported that the US Navy in September last year spent 40 million USD to mount a Laser weapon system (LAWS) 30 kW on the amphibious transport ship USS Ponce. Such weapons have not been used in real combat and test-fired new aims to be unmanned aerial vehicle.

"Weapons can destroy the sensor, the motor burned ultimately detonated explosives that target may take. By focusing on the important points, sailors on Ponce fell Time necessary to shoot down an unmanned aerial vehicle, "Breaking Defense Admiral Matthew Klunder quoted, Chief of Naval Research, said.

The Pentagon wants to install over 100 kW Laws on outboard pylons US Air Force fighters by 2022. The technology is there, but still face many restrictions. Energy to produce a laser beam is much larger than the dedicated weapon. However, the installation of large warships Laws to enjoy than the fighter. The maneuverability of the aircraft also makes laser weapons are unlikely to produce permanent damage to the target if used.

"Applications may not be the biggest challenge," said David Hardy, of the Air Force Research, said. "There are many devices can be fitted in size, weight and power (SWAP) on the train rather than plane. In addition, the aircraft tends to shake more ships." US Air Force hopes to overcome these difficulties in the next few years.

An important step of this plan has been carried out by the Defense Research Projects senior Pentagon (DARPA) .The HELLAD laser weapon system can generate 150 kilowatts of energy while ensuring stimulus 10 times smaller and lighter than a similar laser system.

According to military experts, lasers have a capacity of 150-200 kW can be used for anti-missile air-to-air and air-to-dat.Trong certain cases, the laser can detect badge even if that results in manned aircraft, especially at elevations where thinner air. Strategy and Budget, said. Intensity that "entirely possible" attack manned aircraft, "especially at altitude where the air is thinner."

Laws onboard power depends only by the amount of fuel. "Laws can as long as the aircraft opened fire enough to convert into fuel for the laser power," Hardy said. Some estimates suggest that a laser shot only 1 liter of fuel cost, much cheaper than air to air missiles. A US military official said, adding: "We do not want to rush development of space weapons but completely laser capable of operating in space if necessary".