11 things to know about CEO at Facebook

Hotnewstoday: As a student, Mark Zuckerberg has created TheFacebook.com page with the desire to achieve a few hundred users. 11 years later, Facebook reaches milestone of 1.4 billion users every month.

On 19/5, Mark Zuckerberg at the age of 31. As a move Birthday CEO of the largest social networking world, CNBC has published information at anyone about this famous CEO.

1. While still sit high chair, joined Zuckerberg developed a music application called Synapse Media Player. Meanwhile, Microsoft and AOL are said to have offered to buy the right to develop this app for $ 1 million and hired Zuckerberg want to work. Zuckerberg rejected this suggestion and enrolled at Harvard later.

2. Zuckerberg is a vegetarian. He has declared that it will only eat meat in case you accidentally kill a certain animal.

3. Zuckerberg met his future wife, Priscilla Chan, in a meeting at the university. "Then, he looks like a guy silly, a little lost as the party. I remember him holding a beer and talk about the C ++ programming language. At the university, we have fun together and say that only new computer science attractive guy like that, "Chan told The New Yorker.

4. With total assets of $ 34.8 billion, Zuckerberg ranked 16th in the list of the planet's richest man in 2015 by Forbes.

5. Zuckerberg's company has created or acquired at least 20 different iOS apps. Among them, the most expensive app WhatsApp. Facebook acquired in October 2/2014 applications with $ 19 billion.

6. Zuckerberg to work only 50 to 60 hours a week. During a recent interview, Zuckerberg said he is moving his thoughts beyond the office with the biggest concern now is "how the world connects, and better serve the community."

7. Zuckerberg and his wife have recently contributed $ 75 million to the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. This is the largest amount from a private donor that hospitals received since 1994. This amount will allow the hospital to open 2 trauma rooms, three executive offices and expand the area of the room current emergency doubled.

8. Facebook is blue because Zuckerberg colorblind. In one interview, he said that "blue is the strongest color that I can feel. All that I can see are green ".

9. Zuckerberg currently use black Acura TSX cars because cars "safe, comfortable and not too ostentatious".

10. Zuckerberg owns a Hungarian sheepdogs breed named Beast. This dog does have a Facebook account with 2 million followers.

11. Although the usual attire of Zuck's gray T-shirt, he wore only a single tie in all the days of the year. The reason for this interest is shared on Facebook that Zuck:

"2009 I set myself the challenge to wear a tie only during the year. When the economy began to decline in 2008, I wanted to give a sign to the staff at Facebook that 2009 will be a very important year for the company. While large companies continue with these investments is growing, people tend to cut spending. However, the best companies must ensure that their financial position is very strong and durable. Tie in 2009 was a sign that year was an important year like. So I was wearing a tie to work every day throughout the year. "