Learn destroyers Russian nuclear energy

Hotnewstoday: TASS news agency quoted local sources in the Russian Defense Ministry, unit managers released a revised technical features for class missile destroyers, the new Leader of its navy, which regulates activity body nuclear energy is the only option, recorded on the Capital Security newspaper.

"Naval commander would not let new Leader class warships equipped with a propeller turbine engine normally. According to a new technical guide has been approved by the Department of Defense, the design of the vessel will allow it to use nuclear energy engine, "the source said.

This decision was made by the Russian Navy should be able to reach a destination without limitation offshore without being empty. Severnoye Design Bureau in St. Petersburg in northwest Russia is preparing the technical design, planning completed in 2016.

Leader class destroyers from Russia is expected to replace the project of 956 ships and 1155 Russian Navy intends to buy 12 new frigates, of which six will join the fleet of the North and 6 the payroll in the Pacific fleet.

The source said the project's contractors are ready to develop nuclear reactors for the new frigates, however, certainly nuclear engines will be more expensive versions propeller turbine engine powered by natural gas.

Zing News newspaper quotes sources from the news agency RIA Novosti, the People's Army newspaper said the new generation destroyer class Russian Leader will be launched in late 2017. The destroyer will have both versions nuclear engine, with displacement reaches 14,000 tons.

After being launched, first class destroyers Leader will be the largest warships Northern shipyard completed since 1986 to date. Speaking to reporters, Russian Navy Commander Victor Chirkov said the version equipped with nuclear Leader class destroyers has been completed and will soon be introduced.

According to the Voice of Russia, Boats Leader will perform a series of tasks, including missile defense and aerospace deal. Offensive weapons of the new frigates will be selected cruise missile high accuracy and long range missiles Calibre class supersonic Onyx or their alternatives.

Air defense platform will destroyer S-500 system is modern with missiles serve different purposes, including the ability to destroy weapons deployment in outer space. In fact, whether called destroyers, but the Leader has equipped and not inferior displacement cruiser lines modern missiles.

The Caliber cruise missile, Onyx and many variations, as well as air defense missile system S-500 is capable of destroying aerial targets, are supposed to appear on the Leader-class submarines. TASS news agency, the Russian navy will not be able to get the grade ship sooner than the segment leader from 2023 to 2025.