US accused of lying about killing Bin Laden

Hotnewstoday: Former investigative reporter Seymour Hersh has accused the White House released false information about Osama Bin Laden raid, to cover up the unilateral US campaign to destroy the terrorist.

According to Hersh, the US was the former senior intelligence official Pakistani intelligence for the location of Bin Laden's whereabouts and pay $ 25 million for this person. Meanwhile, the Obama administration asserted themselves determined terrorist lair by tracking his messenger.

Hersh also accused the White House of lying about Bin Laden's extermination campaign because Bin Laden which was detained in Pakistan in Abbattobad houses in 5 years.

Hersh also said that the Obama administration initially agreed with Pakistan will be announced the following week that Bin Laden was US unmanned aerial vehicle attack in the mountains. However, President Obama has changed his mind and decided to go public immediately that night.

The White House has dismissed the accusations and called the allegations "baseless".