Learn ambulance most modern military world

Hotnewstoday360: Drone Ambulance with modern design, reduced vibration, bulletproof armor and comes seasoned unmanned aircraft are tasked to observe and transportation.

Military ambulances are vehicles specially designed for treating and transporting wounded soldiers on the battlefield. Just so this is the investment means a lot to focus on developing new concept here a military ambulance called Drone Ambulance has just been released with superior characteristics.

With cylindrical structures in between, this chassis design is suitable for battlefield conditions and create soothing environments for people injured inside the car. Rear trunk section is designed to minimize vibration. As ambulance system can scroll disc increases flexibility. Also, thanks to the cylindrical barrel design that stretchers can be arranged in a circle.

Another factor helping to ensure quiet car is four-wheel drive system independent, operated by four electric motors. The electric motor is drawing power from the battery block located between the car, the first diesel car in a fully charged battery pack will help this.

Drone Ambulance equipped Photovoltaics system, this is the power supply system replacement, use for internal lighting systems, medical equipment, air conditioning as well as charging for drones (unmanned aerial vehicle ).

Speaking about the drone, the drone Ambulance also equipped with a unmanned aerial vehicle mission discovered the wounded and the enemy. This aircraft is equipped with a thermal imaging camera systems and robot arm. Moreover, the drone also capable transported medical equipment to war easily.

Regarding protection, the Drone Ambulance covered by 3-10 armor Kevlar carbon fiber maker, in some certain areas, this can armor to 3cm thick. Equip help protect the safety of both the driver and the soldiers lying in trunk