The secret of the transformation of the human body after death

Hotnewstoday360The human body will start to break down in a process known as self-distribution. In this process the cells in the body breaks down and bacteria begin to invade the body.

Although the human body is dead but keeps the cells active. These cells will begin a new cycle - cycle biodegradable.

After cardiac arrest, some cells in the brain and liver will start their process of self-consumption. Because cells are so severe hypoxic enzymes begin attacking cell membranes causing their structure is broken.

All tissues in other organs then were decomposed in this way. Skin begins to color produced by the cells in blood vessels rupture, spill blood cells, along with the effects of gravity concentrated in capillaries and small veins.

Body temperature begins to decrease until by the surroundings. Meanwhile, the cramp starting eyelids, jaw and neck muscles and gradually spread throughout the body and ends in the limbs. Muscle cells make energy not become rigid muscles and joints locked.

When alive, the bacteria in the body mostly concentrated in the intestine. However, when the immune system stops working, the bacteria group consisting of thousands of different kinds began to "digest" the body.

In body fluid outflow when the cells are broken - abundant food source for bacteria. Gradually, they invade lymph capillaries and digestive, liver, spleen, then in the heart and brain.

The team of forensic doctors collected samples Gulnaz Javan liver cells, spleen, brain, heart and blood of 11 corpses at various times, in 20 to 240 hours after the time of death. DNA analysis in each cell sample, they found that the difference between the composition of bacteria in the corpse at different times (from the time of death). Bacteria need 20 hours to reach the liver and minimum time so that they spread throughout the organ is 58 hours.

After the self-will to stage the body starts to rot. This is the process of destruction of the soft tissues, converted into gas, liquid and salt. First, the anaerobic bacteria attacks the soft tissues of the body, can convert sugar to the other gas accumulating in the body, causing stomach and other organs bulge out.

Next, we alter the red blood cells in the blood, dead bodies change color dark blue. Gas continues to be produced in the body, causing pressure and cause blisters around the skin surface. Finally, it makes the tissue pressure liquid and gas leaks inside the body outside, from the anus, skin lacerations. Sometimes the pressure is too large cracks making bodies.

A decomposing body in the ground could significantly alter the chemistry of the soil and the impact may last for many years. According to estimates, the human body contains about 50-75% water, per kg weight of water contains nitrogen liberated 32g, 10g of phosphorus, potassium and 1g 4g magnesium in the soil. Initially, these substances will kill all vegetation underneath and around because of the toxicity of antibiotics nitrogen or secreted by the larvae. However, this process ends, the surrounding land is conducive to the development of the flora.