Putins intelligence in relation to Iran and the West

Hotnewstoday360: Commentator of the newspaper Le Huffington Post France and Professor of Political Institute of Paris, Mr. Didier Chaudet analyzes made the decision to sell 300 systems to Iran missile defense of Russia.

Commentator of the newspaper Le Huffington Post France and Professor of Political Institute of Paris, Mr. Didier Chaudet analyzes made the Decision to sell 300 systems to Iran missilCuoc agreement will not only bring economic benefits, but also a series of complex tactical step which Russia has undertaken to bring the West and Iran to close the table negotiate more.

According to Didier, economically successful Moscow will establish commercial ties with Tehran and economy after selling 300 class missile system.

This is a wise decision of Russia, because market of Iran arms sales may be active again after the P5 + 1 and this country nuclear negotiations towards the final phase in June next. e defense of Russia.

When completed the trade, Tehran will surely modernizing its military hardware, especially for the majority of MiG-29 class aircraft ever built in the 1970s, Mr. Didier argued, if Iran's rival Saudi Arabia to become the largest weapons importer overtake India in 2014, Tehran will seek to catch up with the progress.

Tehran is currently spending $ 40 billion to modernize the military and thus the country is gradually becoming a market extremely "lucrative".

In 2010, former President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree abolished the sale of 300 missiles to Iran. Although some have argued that Moscow weaknesses and loopholes are willing to comply with the request from Washington, but that's just part of the move for its calculations.

By abolishing the 300 class missile contract (also known as S-300) with Iran in 2010, Moscow has forced Tehran entered the conversation and shows that once the nuclear negotiations did not take place, the contract above is not feasible. French political scientist argues further, it will push Tehran dialogue with P5 + 1 group later.

When Iran and P5 + 1 group reached a preliminary agreement on nuclear talks last month, Moscow has assured Tehran that will keep his promise and began to reopen trade in S-300.

At the same time, the arms were for the West that Moscow did not forget about Russia-Iran relations. On the other hand, Moscow will support Tehran if the country is attacked. By then, Russia has sent two messages to the leaders of the West. First, Russia does not agree with the policy of sanctions and threatening aggression against Tehran. Second, the West must find a diplomatic agreement with Iran.

In other words, Russia plays an important role in nuclear negotiations with Iran recently. By utilizing the S-300 deal, Moscow not only put the West and Iran to the negotiating table, but also make all parties working together and reached an agreement to satisfy all of these interests party, political scientist concluded.