Inside White House mobile of President Obama

Obama owns two aircraft supercarrier AFO

2 super aircraft identical external detail. But one was remodeled with the equipment the most advanced intelligence, used to transport logistics team and a group of special forces officer. But they never appear together.

3 names for each of the AFO

AFO with the "main" Air Force One just its common name, the official name of super aircraft is VC-25A, codenamed when on duty are Angels.

"Adventure" they've got enough in the sky

The AFO president and team carrying senior officials is designed to be able to refuel when flying.

In addition to refueling default cap side of the Boeing 747 as the other, the AFO has poured gasoline in the nose cap plane electrode system strong magnet to suck gas from pipelines onto aircraft refueling.

Bay "super fast"

AFO always super fly airplanes with an average speed of over 1127km / hour (Mach 0.92) while the commercial Boeing 747 rarely exceeded 1041km / hour (Mach 0.85), the planes F-16 has had a tough time while escorting bombers, even the US Air Force Colonel Mark Tillman had requested AFO have slowed a bit to fly the F-16 ... to keep up, or must change to a more modern fighter form to suit supersonic speeds of AFO.

There are 87 handset

AFO is equipped with a modern telecommunications system is encrypted secure, on this plane with 87 satellite phones, Obama can talk to anyone in the world on the fly. Obama may even live TV broadcast on the fly.

Spacious living space

3 floors with 371 square meters of floor, AFO enough for the president and the guard, senior travel, talk, work comfortably. Own President Park is a fully equipped apartment with a bedroom, bathroom, gym with treadmill, located near the president's room emergency room and 2 spacious kitchen.

Super aircraft must contain a mini supermarket

On the AFO, 2 executive chef will serve a seafood dish you enjoy painting, because the amount of fresh food on the plane clean enough for 100 people eat at least 3 days.

"Hospitals miniature" on plane

But say the emergency room, but the room specially equipped medical technology, an ultra-modern, with enough equipment blood tests, scans, surgery tables, cabinets blood reserves, the type vac- please rare and a team of doctors is always ready to work.

Ability to bulletproof

AFO has the ability to defeat missiles, chemical weapons, even though it was a bunker with wings against nuclear weapons, besides that of AFO defense system may damage the enemy's radar.

"Beast" in ventral

"The Beast" is the nickname Cadillac One carriage Obama, it brought in advanced technology than ever what AFO, this car is in military aircraft belly cargo logistics team, it AFO always arrive half an hour earlier to prepare reception.