Uber upcoming record high price

Hotnewstoday: Uber is planning to increase from 1.5 billion to 2 billion over raising new capital, valued at $ 50 billion or more. Only one other private company in Silicon Valley is valued at $ 50 billion as Facebook, before the IPO in 2012.

Uber said it will use the money raised for the purposes of "strategy", the Times said. In February, Uber started cooperating open a laboratory with Carnegie Mellon University to study "autonomous technology", which may include technology for self-driving cars.

Investment money can also be used for acquisition purposes. Specifically, the Times earlier this week said Uber intend spent $ 3 billion to service Nokia HERE maps. Uber currently works on Google Maps.

The companies technology startups is being invested and the high price is one movement flourished. Altogether, more than 50 start-up companies worth more than $ 1 billion in recent years. The money is invested so widespread and pose the question: Is it possible happening tech bubble like the dot-com boom in the late 90 or not?