Mysterious fate two famous mummy

British admiral corpses were soaked in brandy

Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, Viscount Nelson famous first in the Napoleonic Wars. He was shot dead at sea in May 10.1805 while leading the British Royal Navy at the Battle of Trafalgar is famous for Napoleon.

According huffingtonpos, Nelson's body was embalmed in France's spirits in a wooden coffin carved warships from France, which he won. It ensures preservation Nelson remains intact for a long time back to the mainland, instead of being buried at sea according to seafaring traditions of the Navy. The coffin was placed in a larger coffin filled brandy.

Funeral arrangements for Nelson royal grant was celebrated after his body was taken to London. Currently, his mummy was lying in state in the crypt of St. Paul's church.

Mystery of Mozart's skull

In 1902, the Mozarteum in Salzburg museums Austria is said to be owned skulls of famous composer Mozart. The skull was missing the lower jaw.

According to the Daily Mail, in 1801, the Viennese gravedigger Joseph Rothmayer obtained the skull from the grave where the bodies of both groups Mozart was buried in 1791 when he died at age 35.

However, the document also noted Mozart was buried in a mass grave along with the relief of the poor have been awarded 4 -5 other bodies. This is also the burial specifications for the middle class in Austria at the time.

According huffingtonpost, a record for that person gravedigger once connected a wire to the top of Mozart before burial, so can confirm the skull is the genius of the deceased.

The skull is then changed hands many, from the ringers in the cemetery and the collection of Dr. Hyrtl brain and skull Mutter Museum museum, then finish at Mozarteum museum in 1902.

In 2006, after 104 years of ownership skull, museum decided Mozarteum DNA testing of DNA skull with Mozart's relatives, including the femoral component of grandmother and granddaughter. Unfortunately, the test results have left many disappointed.

The results not only tells us that the skull does not have contact with the femur Mozart family relatives. Furthermore, the femur of his grandmother and granddaughter did not have contact with each other, the more aroused suspicions.