Super spaceship world's most beautiful-inspired supercar Ferrari

HotnewstodayFerrari design director, Flavio Manzoni, is a fan of science fiction, said the project was done only because of his personal preference, but the result is really great offer.
Spacecraft have specific design and brought the shadow of one of the most dramatic supercars of Ferrari and of course, a red flash.
The spacecraft was inspired by the science fiction books and movies, from a series of sketches and then transferred into a fully rendered.
Flavio Manzoni has introduced the concept and then his team has developed 3D graphics model.
Spacecraft wings wrapped around the body makes us think of the shape of a whale drowned.
Looking at the design, the nose and wings are more detailed spacecraft similar to the design of the vehicle LaFerrari. Meanwhile, bring a little tail design direction of the FXX K.

Shaped spacecraft familiar to children in the 1980s, like a UFO in the film Flight of the Navigator of Disney.
However, this design also many shortcomings if it is to apply in practice. Technology continues to develop and hope that someday we will be able to move with the spacecraft like this.