Asians pinched in Google, Yahoo

Hotnewstoday: Recent reports lift the veil of secrecy about the imbalance between the number of employees in Asia technology location and management employees in Silicon Valley (USA). Ascend, the team of the Asian economic problems, draw conclusions based on the data in 2013 that five leading technology companies in the United States submitted to the authorities. 5 companies are Google, Yahoo, Intel, HP and LinkedIn.

"If you walked into one of 5 bars of this company, you will see many Asian talent there," Denise Peck, co-author of the study, a former vice president at Cisco, said. "Just getting in but the management area, you can see the problem." Google declined to comment on reports of Ascend. Intel and Yahoo earlier commitment to diversification of human resources. LinkedIn and HP no comments about this matter.

The findings of the Ascend can raises many questions of racism and gender in Silicon Valley, right at a time when the industry is in sight for their recruitment activities.

The study was published the same day as the conference and activists Jesse Jackson Rainbow Push organization organized to put pressure on tech companies, asking them to recruit and promoted ethnic minorities, women more women.

Reports indicate Asians assumed 27% of the work for the experts but only 14% of the leaders. Meanwhile, whites assumed 62% of the work for specialists but 80% is the leader. Asian women bear the dual discrimination (both race and gender). Research shows that only 1 in every 287 manages Asian women take on jobs for specialists in 5 companies. The percentage of white women is 1/123 while the percentage of white males was 1/87.

The reason for this shortage partly due to cultural differences. US businesses often sought the personal confidence, frankly, have a unique idea; conversely, many Asians are taught that need to respect and cling to the belief "in having fresh sage" do good will be rewarded, Denise Peck, a Chinese-American comments.

He also said that there are cultural norms and attitudes to help Asians certain success, but it also prevents them advance to a higher rung.

However, not always the challenge insurmountable. Microsoft is by Satya Nadella, CEO American Indian operator and was appreciated in the past 15 months in power. One other Asian leaders, Sundar Pichai, has attempted in 11 years since joining Google in order to become one of the most senior management.