Wifi phone from health hazards How?

Hotnewstoday360: Many people still turn on the phone while sleeping next to a pillow and placed it seems we are inseparable from the Internet anytime, anywhere.

And many people do not know that wifi has become an invisible killer threat to health.

According to the Daily Mail, 5 high school girls Danes, had doubts about the impact of wireless phones to access their Internet can be a cause of reduced sleep quality. So they used the growth of plants to study the influence of wifi.

They do a test, put the beans and watercress 1 in 6 categories of good nutrition for the blood within two different rooms, one room will be wifi enabled devices all day, rest room, there is no wifi signal.

After 12 days of observations have detected differences in the development of the seed in the second room has a big change.

Room no wifi signal, the beans germinate and grow strong, but is available for a wifi signal, watercress and beans are not only development, but also withered.

This study shows that radiation wifi within two weeks can cause tree death.

Therefore, it also reminds us when to go to sleep, so it's best to disable wifi on your PC or phone, to relax devices, while also helping to keep yourself healthy.

According to the article, you should sit away from wifi device at least one meter, and should put the laptop on the table instead of on the thigh.

Wifi affect the nervous

Currently, there is no scientific consensus on the impact of health on wifi, some studies say yes, some say that there.

Dr. Nguyen Trung Chinh, senior advisor of Nghe An Province Tumor Hospital, former Dean of the Oncology Hospital said 108 wifi not have much effect on human health by not strong enough.

Previously, the study of electromagnetic waves and radio waves to human safety. Currently, Vietnam and the world do not have a complete scientific research on the effect of wifi for humans.

The researchers also point out that parts of wifi usually stay away from the user and weak waves so it does not go deep into the body.

PGS circumstance, wifi can not cause cancer because cancer has many different causes. The scientists said that epidemiological studies do not indicate the impact of wireless radiation on the health of people.

People can also protect themselves as not to put wifi device in the bedroom, sitting area located away from work. Limit wifi connection on mobile devices to life in balance than avoid addiction.

But there are other opinions that wifi negatively impact human health. For example, the loss of sleep due to wifi created, according to Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung - Psychiatric Hospital Daytime Mai Huong Ha Noi: wifi and mobile devices can affect sleep.

If you use a computer or ipad or iphone will last for days, causing stress makes poor sleep disorders such as sleep, sleep, deep sleep or dream up.

From stress should also cause poor concentration and poor concentration from causing forgetfulness. If you leave the remote mobile device, no wifi does not focus on it, then people will feel sleep, less fatigue over.

There is a fact that today it is often "allergic" to the type of radio, and often "assigned" to its terrible effects like infertility, cause cancer, and affect the fetus in the development process.