Air pollution causes dementia

Hotnewstoday360: Group of Experts Medical Center Beth Israel Deaconess Medical School and Boston University study of 900 people over the age of 60. They found an increase in the density of PM2.5 particles (diameter less than 2.5 microns) at about 2 micrograms / m3 related to underground phenomenon cerebral infarction (stroke silent).

By IB Times, the research team dangerous levels prolonged exposure to PM 2.5 particles and use satellite imagery to assess. They said the rate of stroke in middle age due to air pollution may be higher than about 46%.

"This is worrying because we know that silent stroke increases the risk of stroke and dementia, problems walking and depression. We intend to further study the impact of pollution air longer time, its impact with the results of the MRI, brain activity and other risk factors such as stroke and dementia, "says Prof. Sudha Seshadri.

The particle pollution can come from many different sources, but mainly due to fossil fuel combustion from power plants, factories, vehicles ... They can penetrate deep into the lungs and affects the respiratory tract, causing chronic bronchitis, lung cancer or heart disease ...

Air pollution is a matter of concern in many developing countries such as India, China. Construction waste, waste from vehicles and industrial activities are the cause of pollution is increasingly worse. According to research by the University of Chicago, 95% of India's population is breathing polluted air above the safety of the World Health Organization (WHO).