The secret of youthful beauty world's best in 2015

Hotnewstoday360: Sandra Bullock Actress prestigious People magazine voted "Most Beautiful Woman in 2015". This year already 50 years old but "Miss FBI" Natural beauty is still intact. She wears silk young beauty, full of trees and grass but experienced, loving, attractive.

Sandra Bullock is one of the few Hollywood stars do not abuse cutlery hook the youth. Not wrinkled face and sexy body of the actress get through diet, beauty care and training hard in a long time.

To keep skin beautiful, Sandra Bullock never go outdoors without sunscreen. She uses a sunscreen with a high SPF to protect skin from the outside.

According to beauty expert Sandra Bullock, the dark skin, dull, with many freckles or melasma will make you more mature. So in parallel with anti-wrinkle cream, then add cream should U50 white.

On weekdays, Bullock rarely makeup. To skin naturally plump, she uses topical cream over face-level moisture.

Still have beautiful skin but the actress always aware that no one can resist the time. Accordingly, she soon use anti-aging creams, anti-wrinkle and proper test many kinds of beauty products is likely to be flat wrinkles. Sandra said the right kind of product to use anti-wrinkle nursing his suit will make the skin more beautiful and younger than 10 years old help.

Recipes for slender, attractive Sandra Bullock were practicing. She loves weightlifting, pilates and cycling. Exercise is her passion and help people look beautiful not broken despite fifties touch.

Other youthful secrets of the most beautiful woman in the world is the hair. As we get older, Sandra not to hair too long or too short. Long hair over her shoulder about 10 cm help young, gentle and fresher.