New research on cancer therapies

Hotnewstoday360: Scientists have discovered how to manufacture artificial DNA strands, simulate various dangerous diseases, such as influenza, Ebola, cancer or HIV / AIDS and use them to test the main treatment that disease.

The scientists said the treatment could be the key to eliminating the currently incurable disease. The fact that, in these trials in humans have started and the results are reported as relatively positive. New treatments including the injection of artificial DNA, simulating disease in the body of the patient. This will trigger an "immune response" before the disease, the immune system helps to identify and eliminate the risk of disease if the body is exposed.

Basically, new treatments are expected to take effect by teaching the immune system to recognize a certain protein exists in a specific disease and eliminate it before the pathogen causing the disease infected people .

Over existing treatments is still in the testing phase. Inovio, one of the companies developing the new technique, is studying the possibility of using artificial DNA to prevent women with cervical lesions, cervical cancer.