How to prevent digestive disorders?

Hotnewstoday360: This is not a fatal disease, but "only" as a syndrome, although uncomfortable, but absolutely no danger to life.

However, the digestive disorder, the patient will have the inconvenience of living due to the changed about defecation, flatulence or abdominal pain. This is a very common syndrome, which almost anyone can be.

According to recent studies, it was found that eating disorders can be caused by many factors, including the secretion of serotonin synapses where weather along the digestive system may play a role key. Another theory is given with methane gas surplus in the colon (and intestines) leads to digestive disorders.


First to note diet, daily food. By all that you eat on who will be helping the digestive system to absorb nutrients into the body taken to farming.

So you need to construct science diet, combining a variety of foods to create a balanced nutrition for the body. In the diet, Notes green vegetables high in fiber and vitamin supplements for the body. Avoid eating too much sugar, sweeteners, fat.

Also, build scientific dining hours, there is a specific schedule. Note not finicky eaters, do not eat too full or too hungry stomach to affect the digestive system.

Meals varied dishes, cook fancy with digestive disorders, avoid dishes causing sick, poor appetite or eating as a belly fast. Avoid eating foods containing sorbitol or more sugar-containing foods such as honey.

People with eating disorders often sick appetite, eat less and want to skip meals. Relatives or people can eat and encouragement, encouragement to eat more. Before meals should not eat sweets, drinking carbonated beverages filling the stomach leads to anorexia.

Food processing must ensure cleanliness, performing cooked - boiled drinking. Apparent food origins, ensuring safety and hygiene. Absolutely no food was rancid, the product has not been cooked, raw or soup are more harmful to the digestive system.

Limit your intake of sidewalk food, fried food, food not hygienic. Food preservation, food in the refrigerator should be sealed, wrapped carefully. After putting out the refrigerator to heat to cold food does not cause stomach, beneficial for the digestive system.

Change bowel problems

Symptoms progress slowly but each day a more severe. The change in bowel habit becomes clearer. Restroom suddenly no longer regularly as before.

Moreover, the patient feels intermittent abdominal pain, constipation day, day of diarrhea. Depending on the illness, but patients tend to constipation than diarrhea or vice versa.

Effective treatments?

Change the way you eat: Food, drinking water does not cause gastrointestinal problems if to ensure hygiene, but also foods beverages can do "sick" become aggravated.

The following foods can cause bloating: Onions, garlic, beans, celery, cabbage, plums, bananas, raisins, basil etc ... Do not drink too much coffee and milk.

Avoid foods and drinks contain too much sorbitol (this is the type of sugar used in diet soft drinks), gum or too much fructose (as in honey and some fruit).

Patients should eat more vegetables, drink plenty of water especially for patients tend to constipation.

Regular exercise can help the body in general and in particular the digestive system is functioning more efficiently.

Every day, maintain water supply to drink about 2 liters the.Chu the water / day, throughout the day, do not wait until thirsty to drink water. Water must be boiled, do not drink the water too hot or too cold or water easily cause abdominal pain.

Additional sources of sensible daily fruit and coordinate diverse fruits. Fruit is a good source of vitamins for the body. Therefore you can eat natural attention fruit, vitamins don'ts.

Because the fruit so will receive the amount of fiber in fruits. Fruits should unknown origin, ripe, safe, does not contain pesticide residues.