New method 'defeated' fat in 2 weeks

Recently, the US scientists have discovered a new type of fat beige helps the body to convert fat into brown fat is good for health. New research has found a method of effectively reducing obesity.

For the first time, US researchers have discovered a new type of fat in the human body to help reduce obesity through transitions white adipose (fat white) - factors causing the body to become fat - a fat brown (brown fat) - used to burn energy and heat, work well with the bone.

Fats are beige particular, we are both in white fat - substances that are directly related to diabetes and obesity. When the body in the environmental conditions in cold temperatures regularly, beige fat will make the ability to turn white fat into brown fat one. Shingo Kajimura biologist at the University of California, San Francisco, said: "This discovery could help us find a way to fight obesity effectively."

Reporting in the journal Nature Medicine 2/4 days, Kajimura same research group has described the study to compare the level of transformation form of brown fat in the body 2 objects with young adults. Results showed that beige fat in the body only adults.

Currently, researchers are studying the process of increasing the amount of fat beige, body heat well and increase the ability to convert white fat into brown fat in different conditions. Thus, the scientists could invent drug that functions like beige fat reduces risk of obesity in humans.

Last month, a group of researchers test a new drug on mice body, helps convert white fat into brown fat in many different forms. According to the news magazine March MacDonal Fiona, after pill every day for about two weeks, the mice were hereditary obesity lose weight and lose 50% of white fat on the body.

Kajimura said, now the anti-obesity drugs can reduce body weight by the method of instantaneous decrease appetite, however, effective medicines will also come with side effects such as depression . Therefore, there should be a new drug can convert white fat into brown fat, directly utilize body fat for energy, help fight obesity and related diseases.