Detection of rock containing 30.000 diamonds

The rock contains about 30 odd thousand tiny diamonds found in diamond mines in Russia and Udachnaya was donated to the researchers. Rich rocks are very rare diamond, besides the diamonds in stone too small to be crafted into jewelry.

Geologist Larry Taylor of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville said diamond concentration ratio of strange rock more than a hundred times higher than normal diamond ore with average 1 to 6 carats of 1 ton. He adds, carat weight is the unit of measurement unit of measurement, not size, 1 carat is about 0.2 g.

The researchers believe that the amount of diamonds and exotic colors will provide important information about the cause of stone formation and geologic history of the Earth. Although, today diamonds can be created in a laboratory, but the origin of the formation of precious stones is still a mystery.

Geologist Larry Taylor is working with researchers at the Russian Academy of Sciences to conduct analysis strange rock found in Udachnaya. Initially, the team probing the whole rock by x-ray equipment industry. X-ray image obtained showed that the rock contains many minerals with different colors, and the diamonds appear black.

Thousands of stone diamond gathered together into a dense cluster 1 mm high and has eight sides. The rest of the strange stone garnet, green olivine, pyroxene and covered outside with a layer xun-phuya. The researchers discovered that the diamond block formed after gathering stones ruby, olivine and prioxen.

Results of the study indicate that the diamonds in the strange rock crystallized from the fluid from the oceanic crust is subducted rocks containing special peridotite.