6 causes sudden cause bad breath

Halitosis causes you discomfort, loss of confidence when communicating. To fix this problem you need to understand the causes.

1. Nasal

According to the Huffington Post

, Nasal congestion due to colds will make maintenance more difficult breathing, you must breathe orally. This causes dry mouth and decreased salivation. Meanwhile, saliva helps deodorize and prevent harmful bacteria and agents create cavities. Therefore, reducing the amount of saliva synonymous with oral bacteria have the opportunity to produce more, causing unpleasant breath odor.

2. Eat sweets

Sweets as well as one of the factors causing bad breath. When you eat sweets or cakes, bacteria will follow sweeteners and spread around the mouth and teeth. Eat more sweets will cause bad breath if you do not clean, even lead to tooth decay and other oral diseases.

3. Mouthwash

According to experts, the amount of alcohol in mouthwash and antibacterial (accounting for 27% of the total composition) can cause dry mouth and cleaned about an hour after use. Some mouthwashes long-term use will cause dental problems.

4. Foods rich in protein

A diet rich in protein also causes bad breath. Diets rich in nutrients the body requires more work to do, react during consumption of food that causes bad breath.

5. Gram-negative bacteria

A type of bacteria that live in the mouth makes your breath smell is a gram-negative, they secrete sulfuric odor-causing compounds. Gram live below the gums and tongue deep in hiding. You can use dental floss to clean the bacteria. Besides, you can clean the tongue after eating this way helps reduce bad breath by 70%.

6. Anxiety

When you stress, heart palpitations, breathing hurry, palms sweating causes dry mouth and smell. To overcome this problem, you just need to maintain a daily habit of drinking water, sips and spacing time breathing helps reduce odor considerably.