IS rebels beheaded victims accused of sorcery

The elements of the organization of the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq claimed to have beheaded a man accused of sorcery, according to the Daily Mail.

Those who support the bloodthirsty terrorist organization IS shared many grisly photos of executions on the social networking site. Accurate counts of the victims were beheaded not been announced, but the post on Twitter accompanied by pictures of people say this is a "shaman."

One photo shows a man wearing a brown jumpsuit, blindfolded and tied up, while a terrorist raised a kukri machete blade length of 45 cm, ready to execute. In the second photo, the body of the victim is between a pool of blood profusely, with his head cut off to on his back.

Around the bodies of the victims were tens of prayer beads colorful. Able victim was selling this necklace - the terrorists ISIS that this action is bid'ah, which means "a reprehensible innovation."

Like the public execution in other extremely brutal ISIS, a huge crowd had gathered to witness the beheading. In the photos, you can see the young men and young children stand in a ring crank into the square.

One of those who spread these images claiming to be British soldiers with Abu Bakr assumed name al-Britani.

These photos were taken in the province of Salah al-Din Iraqi near Tikrit. This is where the Iraqi army and militia volunteers Shia has achieved great success in forcing the terrorists to withdraw from it in recent weeks.

Executions took place in the context of forensic teams operating in Iraq city of Tikrit releasing nearby, to handle the mass grave is believed to contain the bodies of 1,700 soldiers were ISIS brutally murdered last year.

Kamil Amin of the Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights, said work began Monday, at 8 locations inside the palace of Tikrit, where many of the killings took place.

ISIS has occupied this place in June last year, 1,700 soldiers arrested as they tried to flee the camp Speicher, an air base used by the US military before, is located in the suburban area of Tikrit .

Then, AI has posted many images on the Internet, in which the organization's fighters are massacred 20 soldiers at once after putting them on the truck and caught them lying face down in a ditch run with both hands tied behind his back.