Detection of two ancient tombs and 4,200 priests in churches in Egypt

A team from the Archaeological Institute of Eastern France (IFAO) in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities of Egypt have discovered two tombs dating back nearly 4,200 years ago in southern stairs Sakkara Pyramids, bail of Cairo.

Egyptian Antiquities Minister Mamdouh el-Damaty said two above the tomb of "Ankh Ti" and "Sabi" - two of the Pharaoh Pepi II priest (2240-2150 years BC), the dynasty Friday.According to the Minister Damaty, archaeologists had to be buried inside the room and detect the scattered bones - two signs that the tomb had been dug thief.

Archaeological Team of IFAO, Vassil Dobrev Dr. stated in both relic above many frescoes are still very well preserved, describes worship the gods of ancient Egypt.

The upper part of the two tombs were built of mud bricks. Meanwhile, two burial chamber was built of white limestone, which is found at a depth of 6m and 12m below ground.

The head of Egypt's ancient Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, Dr. Yousef Khalifa confirmed whether the thief is destructive, both graves are still some grave gifts, including gypsum average, the colored stone and pottery.

General Director of the archaeological site of Giza province Kamal Wahid said the burial chamber of priest "Ankh Ti" decorated many scenes showing the worship of ancient Egypt, including items such sacrifices meat, birds, bread, vegetables, roses, milk, beer.