Russia threatened to use nuclear missile attack Danish warship

A Danish warship

Russia's ambassador to Denmark 21.3 days warning Danish warships could become targets of Russian nuclear missiles if the Danish participation in the program of NATO missile shield in Europe, according to AFP.

Russian Ambassador Mikhail Vanin Denmark wrote in an editorial published in the newspaper Jyllands-Posten Denmark 21.3 days: "I do not think the Danes understand what the consequences are if Denmark join missile shield systems US-led ".

If this happens the Danish warship will become targets for Russian nuclear missiles, according to Vanin.

Ambassador Vanin said if Denmark join this program, "we see the same risk as the enemy."

Russia has long opposed the program of NATO missile shield in Europe-led, was launched in 2010 and expected to be completed in 2025.

In the program of NATO missile shield in Europe, NATO member countries contribute radar and weapons to defend Europe against missile attacks.

Denmark has committed to provide one or more frigates are equipped with advanced radar to track the missile "hostility".

Danish Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard said the Russian ambassador's comment was "not acceptable".

Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Danish Parliament, Ms Mette Gjerskov, told AFP his comments Vanin is "anonymous threats and unnecessary" because the missile defense program is simply "warning system "and not harmful to Russia.

"But his comments Vanin can not replace the fact that we are not afraid," she said Gjerskov.

Mr. Holger K. Nielsen, a spokesman for defense issues for the People's Party Socialist Denmark, called the remarks of the Russian ambassador as "madness".

"His opinion is based on the assumption that the outbreak of war, but Denmark has become the target of attack Russia has long since Denmark is a member of NATO countries," Mr. Nielsen said.

The system of NATO missile shield in Europe is headquartered at Ramstein Air Base in Germany since 2012. This system includes anti-ship missile stationed in Spain ha, Us Patriot anti-missile system in Turkey, the radar system mounted on ships of some NATO members, according to AFP.