A320 and the accident concussion history

Once put into operation in April 4/1988, the A320 has quickly meet the criteria for the short and medium flight. However, as of 4/2012, there were 59 accidents occurred with the A320, leaving 789 people dead.

Reviewing the shocking accident in the history of the A320:

On 26/06/1988, a A320 of Air France airline crashed a forest when performing low-level flight, causing three deaths. This is the first crash of the Airbus A320.

On 02/14/1990, an A320 aircraft of Indian Airlines accident while landing at Bangalore in India. The plane carrying 146 people had lost control when only 400 meters from the runway. The accident has caused 92 deaths.

On 01/20/1992, bearing number 148 flights of the airline Air France Inter crashed into the Vosges mountains in the meantime landed Strasbourg International Airport. The plane carrying 96 people and 87 people were in distress.

On 14.09.1993, the A320 of Lufthansa German Airlines crashed while landing winds down Warsaw airport, Poland. The accident caused one crew member and one passenger of the 64 passengers on the plane were killed.

On 03/10/1997, a Gulf Air A320 was off the runway while taking off from Abu Dhabi airport, passengers on Flight 86 were injured.

On 23/08/2000, A320 airline Gulf Air has crashed in waters near Manama airport while in flight from Cairo to Manama, Bahrain. The crash caused all 135 passengers and 8 crew members were killed.

On 05.03.2006, the Airbus A320 of Armenia has crashed in waters near the city of Sochi, southern Russia. All 113 passengers and crew members were killed.

On 18/07/2007, the A320 airline Tam Brazilian Airlines carrying 187 people was off the runway while landing at Congonhas airport in Sao Paulo.

The plane crashed into a gas station nearby and caused huge fires that all passengers with 11 ground personnel were killed.

On 15/01/2009, the A320 of American Airlines US Airways has collided with a large flock of birds shortly after takeoff from Long Island, New York. Immediately after the collision, the two engines of the aircraft were damaged.

The pilot tried to control the aircraft away from populated areas in New York and an emergency landing into the Hudson River. All 115 people on board were rescued.

On 28/07/2010, aircraft stretched version of the A320 of Air Blue Airlines crashed into the mountain and exploded when takeoff is 1km from Islamabad International Airport. The entire 146 passengers and 6 crew members were killed.