Americans spend $ 2.4 in combating IS

Gunmen IS desert in Iraq

Accordingly, as the level of spend for combating IS at the moment is about $ 8.5 million / day.

The latest report of the US Department of Defense cost for the fight against organized self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) in the Middle East, said the war against Iraq and Syria IS starting in January 6/2014 far spent 2.4 billion dollars and this number continues to rise. In particular, if the cost per day spent on the war at the present time approximately $ 8.5 million / day, more than 8 times higher than the US $ 1 million / day start time war summer 2014.

According to the report, since the start of the air campaign in both Iraq and Syria IS from day to day 08/08/2014 19/3 past, US warplanes have carried out a total of 2893 strikes aimed at 5314 target, accounting for about 80% of the overall number of air strikes against coalition forces led by the US IS.

The result of the raids conducted by US aircraft was destroyed 73 tanks and 47 artillery pieces, 282 military vehicles Hamvee, 85 vehicles carrying soldiers, 58 ships and 1,500 kinds of buildings where gunmen hiding iS or use them.