Girls every week to sleep with a soldier IS

Britain's Independent newspaper quoted a veteran of the Islamic State (IS) said the young woman desperate to leave home to join the IS Syria is suffering from being traded as commodities between the jihadists with frequency capacity of a "stack" a week.

Under Sharia law, believers are not allowed to have sex with a woman not his wife, and warriors IS sought legal risk by temporarily "marry" a girl with a wife in a short time, and then handed back to the others.

Veterans IS 33 named Hamza tells the plight of the young girl ever eager to join the IS route to Syria, and now is no different than going into sexual slavery.

The young girl warrior in turn handed IS no different items

Hamza said: "There are Muslim girls Tunisia to Syria to join our organization. Initially these girls sleep with the IS command in a contract marriage only lasted about a week, and then they get divorced and have to marry another person under the same terms. "

"I asked her that how she reached Syria, she replied that she had found their way to Turkey, then crossed the border into Syria and move to IS," Hamza said.

Hamza said he decided to leave the organization IS rebels after the team asked him to rape the Yazidi girl who was arrested. Worse, they arrested him be himself beheaded a hostage.

Veterans said that before finding fugitives from IS chance, he had witnessed the murder of the "training", and then had to find ways to evade the beheading children believe.

Hamza said: "I was watching the video was made with sound effects, impressive image. After watching the video, we were taken to attend public executions ".

"According to the IS, the students need to observe and study over 6 months to get himself carried out the executions, and I have to find ways to avoid it," Hamza said.

The shocking testimonies on the opinion that Hamza was even more anxious for the fate of three British girls have run away from home to Syria to join the IS. Three girls only 15-16 years old my parents lied, stole the family jewels to quietly buy a ticket on the way to Turkey, then fled to Raqqa, lair of IS in Syria.

British police suspect a "holy war bride" 20-year-old Scot named Mahmood Aqsa 3 girls were lured onto the road joining the IS. However, this girl had contact with parents from Syria, and declared that he was not related to the recruitment services of this 3 girls.

Meanwhile, British police suspect that Mahmood has played a very positive role in instigating, cheer, encourage the young British girl through social networks to Syria joined the IS and is married to the war war of the terrorist organization.