Russia may build a large naval base in Syria

TV commentator Star (Zvezda) of Russia, Fedor Ivanjica day 26/3 quoted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus said that Russia may build a large military bases in the country.

According to Assad, Syria forward a proposal so if I was sure would meet Damascus.

In an exclusive interview with the Zvezda, answering questions about Ivanjica commentator scalable logistics point now in port Tartus naval base into a full, Assad said: "In relation to the current Russia's presence in the different regions of the world, including the Eastern Mediterranean, in the port of Tartus Syria, this presence is necessary to maintain the balance was lost after the Soviet Union collapsed more than 20 years ago. "

He declared: "For us, as strengthening Russia's presence in our region, this region more stable, because Russia plays a very important role in strengthening stability in the world. Because of that, I can say that we welcome the strengthening of the Russian presence in the Eastern Mediterranean, particularly on the coast and our ports. "