Large explosion in New York two buildings collapsed, causing heavy casualties

A huge explosion in the city of New York has two buildings collapsed, causing a large fire and 12 people were injured.

According to firefighters, 4 out of the 12 victims are in critical condition.

The explosion blew the front of residential buildings and commercial 121 2nd Avenue, at the same time as the building collapsed and 123 adjacent causing widespread fires in residential areas.

In addition, two other nearby buildings suffered severe damage.

Currently authorities have blocked a highway section 2 of the more than 250 firefighters are working to control a large fire.

Cause of the incident is still under investigation, but Mayor Bill de Blasio New York said initial indications show that this is most likely a gas explosion.

City authorities advised people to avoid out of the house before the situation was controlled and closed to non-toxic smoke inhalation, while enhancing vigilance and contact immediately with the rescue units in cases of suspected gas leak.

Organization of the Red Cross gave up an emergency rescue camp in the city to assist those who lost their homes due to the explosion.

This latest incident has once again raised concerns about the situation to ensure the safety of the city.

A year earlier, in the city of New York has happened a gas explosion in northern Manhattan, killing eight people.