Russia continues to expand arms exports despite sanctions

A factory in Siberia Russian tanks.

The head of the military-technical cooperation of the Russian army, Mr. Alexander Fomin said it would strengthen military-technical cooperation with other countries through the expansion of arms exports 2015, despite Western sanctions.

Speaking at a meeting of the Federation Council (upper house), Mr. Fomin said: "The defense export contracts in the future of Russia to the value of $ 48 billion, while exports of weapons over 15 , $ 5 billion in 2014. "

Russia signed 90 agreements arms exports, with the aviation technology products dominated the export ratio.

Mr. Fomin announced: "The transfer of military aircraft accounted for 44% of exports."

Mr. Fomin said Russia plans to sign a cooperation agreement with the technical-military Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Cameroon in the year, while emphasizing that Russia has also sold military equipment used for other countries, totaling more than $ 1.3 billion.

In 2014, Russia still maintains its position as the largest arms exporter after the US 2nd, with a number of major clients including India, Iraq, China, Vietnam and Venezuela.

According to Fomin, weapons exports in 2015 could become more complicated because of Western sanctions and the collapse of the links in the defense industry between the Russian defense enterprises and Ukraine.

Meanwhile, a senior adviser to the agency's technical export military-owned Rosoboronexport, said Alexander Brindikov that Russia should abandon the 30 sectors in the global arms market due to low competitiveness in some special products.