New record of aircraft Solar Impulse solar 2

During test flights around the world first, an aircraft powered by solar energy manned - Solar Impulse 2 (SI2) broke the record for the distance to the plane using solar energy.

According to the head of the Solar Impulse project and the pilots Bertrand Piccard and control SI2, by the time of flight to Ahmedabad, western India 10/3 day, the aircraft flew repeatedly been a long road 1.468km, this is the distance longest continuous flight made by an aircraft using solar energy.

Earlier, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Andre Borschberg Solar Impulse has set a record for the distance to fly Solar Impulse 1 when 1.358km from side to side with the United States.

SI2 landed in Gujarat, western India at 23 hours 25 minutes local time on 10/3 (11/3 1 am near Hanoi time) in the beginning stage of the journey from the capital Muscat and Oman nearly 16 hours of flying. Long way in the journey to fly around the world will be 8.500km while flying over the Pacific SI2 continuously for 5 days 5 nights from Nanjing (China) to Hawaii.

Starting flight around the world in 9/3 days from the capital Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), the expected total SI2 will fly a long way over 35.000km and two oceans. SI2 will stop at 12 points on 5-month journey with a total flight time of about 25 days.

The aircraft will move with an average speed of 50 to 100 km / h and decreased at night to save energy.

SI2-powered aircraft Solar manned Monday, after the Solar Impulse. SI2 constructed of carbon fiber and weighs 2.3 tons, using 4 17.5 hp engine is powered by 17,248 solar cells mounted park along the fuselage and a wingspan of 72 meters, equivalent wingspan of Airbus A380.

The "predecessor" Solar Impulse completed test flights within 26 hours in 2010 has proven solar cells can build enough energy during the day to use at night.