Cuba successfully eliminate HIV infection from mother to child

Cuba became the first country in the world recognized the proposed elimination of the infectious syphilis and HIV transmitted from mother to child, after a delegation from the World Health Organization (WHO) end bar close this Caribbean island nation.

In a press conference after the end of the week-long examination, Ms. Adele Benzaken, head of mission of the Organization for Health America (PHO - American branch of the WHO) has confirmed the accuracy of the the Ministry of Health statistics on the index on Cuba and said it would transfer records suggest WHO recognizes health achievements of this Caribbean island nation.

The delegation consists of 24 members of the PHO / WHO has examined sync hospitals, clinics, research laboratories and other health care facilities in Havana and Villa Clara and Santiago provinces before going to conclusions.

According to the WHO, a country recognized eliminate infectious syphilis from mother to child if the rate limiting sick infants less than 0.05% of the total number of women with this disease.

For the case of HIV, the proportion of infants infected with this virus have less than 2% of the mothers carry the deadly virus.

In addition, the proportion of pregnant women tested for HIV and the rate of antiretroviral treatment on the total number of pregnant women who test positive for the virus in the two must be over 95%; as well as a number of criteria for statistical information and warnings about the risk of these diseases. Experts said the Cuban delegation has satisfied all the criteria.

She also stressed Benzeken America is the only region set a target of eliminating double infectious syphilis-HIV through mother to child, as these are two processes are closely related, while the area still others focus solely on objective eliminate HIV infection alone, and achievements of Cuba will be a great encouragement to the medical opinion of the Americas.