Boko Haram behead 23 civilians

Boko Haram gunmen swept Buratai village, Borno State northeast Nigeria and beheaded 23 people

CNN pig, about 23g Friday (27-3), while people in the village almost all sleep, a multitude Boko Haram has overflowed into the village, setting fire to houses and beheaded people to flee.

Ibrahim Adamu, a villager who had escaped, said: "They burned a large area in the village and we are afraid that there were some other people were burned alive because most people were sleeping when they spill in the village. "

The medical staff at the hospital in the nearby town of Biu said 32 people had been taken to the village Buratai emergency wounded by gun shot and burned.

According to employees, "said the wounded had a lot of people have been attacked them beheaded."

Last year, the village was Buratai Boko Haram attack 2 times. In September, during clashes with military forces Nigeria, Boko Haram gunmen destroyed 20.

Unknown attacks this time because we want revenge for that time to cause violence or destruction elections in Nigeria started on this Saturday (28-3). Before that Boko Haram has vowed not to conduct elections.