Mummified woman intact after 700 years

At the end of last February, workers at a construction site in Xuan Lan, Taizhou City, China is working when they accidentally dug up three ancient coffin.

According to archaeologists and experts from the Museum of Taizhou, all three coffins are from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). When you first open the coffin and secondly, they have found human bones and some clothes.

However, the archaeological team was really amazed at Tuesday coffin, inside the corpse of a woman with body nearly intact. Woman's body is covered with many layers of cloth and blankets - all soaked in a solution of brown.

Woman's body, about 1.5m long, hardly decomposed. Skin, hair, eyelashes and face intact, as if she just died recently. Right hand mummy showed intact skin, with a blue pearl ring worn on the middle finger. A silver hairpins were also detected.

Mummy of a woman believed to be valued from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Woman dressed in silk and cotton expensive, is defined as the Ming Dynasty costumes.

This is the latest findings in a series of chilled get jumped found in the area for 30 years. In the period from 1979-2008, 5 mummies were discovered, all very well preserved.

These findings promote interest in learning the techniques of embalming the Ming Dynasty and the burial customs at the time.

The museum's director Taizhou City, Mr. Wang Weiyin, said the clothes in a coffin made of mostly silk, cotton mix a little.

Mr. Wang said, adding silk and cotton is often difficult to preserve, and the excavations discovered that the embalming technology is used in the funeral of a very important character.

Ming dynasty built the Forbidden City and the Great Wall recovery, has marked a new era of economic development and cultural splendor and the first commercial contacts with the West.


.Archaeologists and experts said Taizhou Museum will put the mummy in the freezer and then proceed with down blankets to more comprehensive examination to provide answers about the fate of this woman