Former NASA confirms see aliens

A former NASA aerospace engineer has voiced claims to have the eyes to see an alien 9 feet high (over 2.7 m) while monitoring a space exploration mission in 1991, according to the Daily mail.

Upon seeing extraterrestrial beings, Clark McClelland is still a member of the technical team members of the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

"Entity" that, according to McClelland's calling, stand on two legs and had approached two American astronauts that he does not want to be named in about a minute and seven seconds in the shuttle launch site.

McClelland's story has been many theories have aliens deemed convincing evidence of the existence of most life forms other than human wisdom in the universe.

McClelland said the US government had cut his pension and forced him to live on social assistance, even though he has served more than 800 research mission into outer space by NASA.

In this series of videos posted on the YouTube channel, he implored the public to recognize his revelations seriously.

"I love our planet, I love mankind. I'm just trying to help everyone, if you allow, "he said.

McClelland's profile on Twitter with a photo of him as a young man in the uniform of NASA.

On his website, McClelland also posted a photo taken with the NASA astronaut inside a spacecraft, and a photograph of him next to Judy Resnick, the second female astronaut of the United States, who killed in 1986 when the space shuttle Challenger exploded after carrying her to leave the launch pad 73 seconds.