Windows 10 version supports more mobile phone Lumia

The trial version of Microsoft Windows 10 Next Mobile, scheduled for release in the first week of April, will support more devices first.

Team Operating Systems Group, in charge of the system's operating system Microsoft has added the code to put Windows 10 beta Mobile phones to most Windows Phone.

Earlier, the first test of Mobile Windows 10, released in February, only support a small number of Lumia devices, especially phones Lumia 630, 635, 636, 638, 730 and 830. Department of course, the first test of Mobile Windows 10 only support a small number of devices due to technical factors custom features OS partition automatically to make room for the new operating system installation is not complete and many other equipment not available vacancies direct to update the operating system in place in the unit.

But to update the second trial is about to release the technical elements were gradually being overcome, which brings Windows 10 Mobile experiment to most Windows Phone handset.

Microsoft has published a list of the Windows Phone device capable of running the next test of Mobile Windows 10 in a blog post published on 27/3.

Learning from Windows 8 - was met with harsh criticism and bring frustration from users - Microsoft has attempted to public gaze friendly version of the latest Windows operating system, Windows 10 by releasing the preview version to the user experience and suggestions.

Windows 10 is the version of the Windows operating system "all in one" first will run on a variety of devices, from desktops to laptops, smart phones and even devices like ATM and ultrasound.

Users can search the list of devices supported Windows Mobile 10 second test, here.