MH370 is still intact, 239 people are still living in Afghanistan

Daily MK (founded in 1919) said that he had received information from a source said on 'credible' of Russian Intelligence and 'some intelligence agencies of other countries' certification. Accordingly, the missing plane with 227 passengers and 12 crew members were in the region of Kandahar, Afghanistan, near the border with Pakistan. Mysterious character is said to have controlled two pilots began changing routes to Afghanistan is codenamed 'Hitch' but no information on this character. The aircraft giant Boeing 777 parked on a rural road with a small deserted broken wing. However, before that, the aircraft landed safely. Thanks to a safe landing, all 239 people aboard survived, MK narrative.

According to the MK, 239 people on the flight were the kidnappers split 7 groups, living together under the strict control of the cramped little hut. Of the seven groups of passengers on the plane Malaysia, there is a group of 20 persons 'special' including VIPs are kept separately in a tunnel. It is not clear from the kidnappers engine aircraft and this group has not publicly made their claims.

However, according to a source of MK, the kidnappers carried out daring robberies plane is said to want to put pressure on China and the United States on an issue yet to be revealed. Along with that, according to mainstream sources, so far, its forces began searching for the signal 'optimistic' can MH370 in the waters of the South Indian Ocean, where the suspect aircraft falling . The country hopes to be MH370 here in the coming days.