Myanmar been bombed, China threatened to respond aggressively

Chinese warplanes that patrol the border with Myanmar after the bombing.

On 14/3, China has deployed more fighters to patrol the border area with Myanmar and warn neighbors about "drastic action" after military aircraft bombed Myanmar Yunnan Province, China made it 4 people died.

Mr. Fan Changlong, vice chairman of China's Central Military Commission warned Burma that if it continued indiscriminate bombing raids during the insurgency, the Chinese military will take action to ensure the safety of people people.

He requested the Myanmar Fan seriously investigating Friday's bombing of this, and severely punish pilots entered Chinese airspace, as well as apologize and compensate the families of victims

He also revealed that the fighter Myanmar several times to cross the border with China and a stray bullet had caused damage to people and to the people of this country.

Meanwhile, General Min Hlaing Ayng, military commander said the Myanmar Myanmar understand the feelings of the Chinese people and said he would nominate to participate in investigating the incident with the Chinese side.

General Hlaing committed to handling the issues involved and have forced the misconduct in this incident should be responsible.

Last night, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin ambassador was summoned to give Ohn Linn Thit Myanmar protest letter protest in Myanmar bombing aircraft into the territory of China.

At the same time, the Chinese Air Force squadron that much to "monitor, monitoring, warning and banishment" Myanmar military aircraft close to the border area.

China's concerns over the growing conflict between the Myanmar military uprising with the Army National Democratic Alliance (MDAA) become more aggressive in recent months, forcing Myanmar thanks to China supporting rebel.

Currently China is providing shelter and food, food for people fleeing Burma to Yunnan province.