China rover discovery of new features of the Moon

The analytical results from the rovers show Chinese lunar surface where there used to be a lively and complex than previously thought by scientists.

Rovers found evidence of the existence of at least nine different rocks, deep below the surface where it landed. This is characteristic for the region had seen geological activity from 3.3 billion years ago.

"There are two interesting things, first is more volcanic activity was determined in the history of the Moon. The second is volcanic plain area includes not only the basalt lava stones, but also due to increase Mountains igneous. "NBC News quoted Xiao Long, head of research at the University of Geology in Wuhan, said. According to Xiao, second discovery could shed light on the components evaporate in the Moon's crust.

Results were analyzed data from the camera and radar equipment of Jade Rabbit, which can probe at a depth of 400 m below the surface of the Moon. Ingredients in other areas it landed with the agency where the US Space Administration (NASA) or the Soviet Union once landed.

Jade Rabbit rover began to perform research tasks Moon from 12.15.2013. Jade Rabbit weighs 120 kg, may incline of 30 degrees and move at the speed of 200 m / h. 6 wheeled vehicle, equipped with four cameras and two mechanical legs, performing duties collected soil samples on the Moon.

The lunar exploration mission is considered the pride of China as the country became the third country in the world, after the United States and the Soviet Union, self-propelled equipment put on the natural satellite of Earth.