Solar flare boom, towards the Earth

Solar flares strongest level ever known broke out at a black spot on the "planet of fire", with direction to the Earth.

According to the Aerospace America, this phenomenon occurs around 16h22 GMT on 11/3. Solar flares of X is considered the strongest level of solar storms.

Space said, flares on the bull's-AR12297 unwind, the area has a series of flares in the middle level with coronal mass ejections in the earlier days. Coronal plasma cloud is extremely hot huge move with speed millions of miles per hour and only takes a few days to reach Earth. In intense, it can cause magnetic storms do convolution power system affecting the satellite signal.

As noted Prediction Center Space Weather United States (SWPC), at the flare peak, the temporary loss of signal occurred on a large scale for the communications radio frequency. It is unclear whether this is related to flares or flare, however SWPC warned of storms from small events of the day 13/3 by three coronal eruptions 9/3 day.

Solar flares are eruptions solar radiation intensity, releasing radiation capable of causing harm. It can disturb the Earth's atmosphere ray floors GPS signal and transmit communication signals. The researchers divided the strength of solar flares according to three levels from low to high as C, M and X. In particular, X grade levels 10 times larger than M.