Kurdish forces claimed there IS evidence used chemical weapons

The government semi-autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan said it possesses evidence that the group Islamic State (IS) claiming to have used chlorine gas as a chemical weapon attack the armed forces of Kurdistan (Peshmerga)

In a statement, the Security Council area on said table from laboratory analysis of soil samples and clothing in a suicide car bombing in January by IS conducted in northern Iraq has out "the sample contains a certain amount of chlorine gas, which shows that this substance has been used as a weapon (chemistry)."

The same day, the task force said mixture in the past 24 hours, the US and its allies have carried out 10 air strike on insurgents in Iraq and Syria IS.

The attacks started from Monday 13/3 struck a fighting position and tactical units near the city of Al Hasakah Kobani and Syria.

Also the other airstrike was carried out on the territory of Iraq, near the city of Kirkuk, Mosul, Falluja and Rawah.