German aircraft crashed in France: Found a black box

The scene of the crash in France that killed 150 people

One of the black box of the A320 was found at the end of the day 24/3. According to initial information, the first black boxes were found containing exchanged inside the cockpit of the plane.

According to the news on VOV, at a press conference of the Office of Investigation and analysis of the French Ministry of Internal Affairs (BEA) at 16h pm on 24/3 hours of France (ie 22h hours Vietnam), French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the black box was found a few hours after the accident and immediately was taken to exploit.

Information on some of the French newspaper said, the first black box was found to contain the exchange inside the cockpit of the aircraft, referred to as "CVC". And the second box contains all the data of the flight is to continue to be searched.

Related to this serious accident, according to new information VTV updated, pilots of the ill-fated aircraft airline Germanwings is not the emergency broadcast signals from stations that air traffic control Draw the unfortunate victims on Airbus A320, Western media quoted the German authorities that the majority of victims are present on the ill-fated plane is German and Spanish.

According to initial information, around 67 German, 45 Spanish nationals aboard the Airbus A320 crashed. However, this information has not been officially determined that nhan.Truoc, as news was brought, the accident occurred at around 10h47 am (ie Hanoi 16h47 GMT) on 24/3 with Airbus A320 German airline in the south of France with a total of 150 people on the flight.

Some local newspapers quoted the French Transport Minister Alain Vidalies said communication system recorded a distress signal from aircraft grade at 10h47 am on the same day (ie Hanoi 16h47 GMT). Signal that the aircraft was at an altitude of 1,500 meters in the unrest thuong.Ngay later, the plane crashed.

Before confirmation on French President Francois Hollande has declared likely no one survived the crash nan.Ve exact number of victims may face fateful flight, airline Germanwings said there 144 passengers and 6 crew, a total of 150 people.