Military weapons bombers Tu-160 the world's fastest

Bombers Tu-160 is a military weapon of the Russian crisis

Russian military weapon nicknamed "White Swans" Tu-160 Blackjack after the upgrade, has become a supersonic bomber heavy with superior characteristics

Military weapons strategic bombers Tu-160M (Blackjack) is Russia's largest supersonic aircraft and the most powerful military aviation history with the change of variable geometry wings, and the machine heavy fighter in the world, a record for a maximum takeoff weight of the current bomber.


Tu-160 is a supersonic bomber engineer from General renowned Russian Andrei Tupolev (1888-1972) directly participated in the design and manufacture, is known as the "White Swan" (White Swan) .

The first test flight of the Tu-160 was held on 19.12.1981, coinciding with the celebration of the 75th birthday of General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev. Two weeks later, the perfect white swans have been handed over to the Soviet Air Force.


Each of the Tu-160 is 13,1m height, length and wingspan 54,1m 55,7m, equipped with four jet turbine engine NK-2 class 321, this engine is a strong fighter the most. According to calculations, the Tu-160M can reach a maximum speed of Mach-2.05 (2,220 km / h) at high altitude, speed fuel economy of about 960 km / h, 12,300 km range operation.

Tu-160 Another difference is that instead of the steering wheel as usual forms of aviation industry, is the lever that controls the short and convenient as with appliances, help pilots comfortable though not bound in any position on the altitude of 15,000 m.


Tu-160 is designed with two weapons in the body cavity contains a total of 40 tons of bombs, missiles. Tu-160 is capable of carrying cruise missiles for land super-telephoto range Kh-55 allows to achieve a range of 2.500-3.000km. The missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead capacity of 200 kilotons. With equal speed fighter, capable of carrying a weapon larger than "Flying Fortress" B-52, Tu-160 is a "nightmare" for all opponents of Russia.

Salient Features

So far, the Tu-160 retains the throne line supersonic fighter largest farthest range. White Swans while carrying 30 tons of bombs, 130 tons of fuel, but can reach a maximum speed of flight is 2.200km / h, while the speed of sound is 1.235km / h. Also Tu-160 can fly continuously for 14 consecutive hours, or long distance record of 30.800km without refueling.

The Tu-160 was designed with the ability to carry conventional weapons and nuclear weapons to attack strategic targets deep inside enemy territory. Tu-160 is also one of the few heavy bomber in the world designed with style swing wings spread.

Dr. Igor Sutyagin, under the Royal United Services Institute Institute (RUSI) in London, said: "Weapons of Tu-160 Blackjack is contained in two compartments, each compartment can accommodate nearly 20,000 kg free-fall weapons or a nuclear missile launchers ... This can be considered the biggest bomber world ".