Designed specifically for the tour delegates IPU-132

TrangAn tourist resort tourist destination attracting a large number of international tourists.

19 tours attractive, flexible arrangements dedicated to the international delegates to attend the General Assembly of Inter-Parliamentary Union First World 132 (IPU-132) will be held in Hanoi (from 28 / 3-2 / 4), has been Subcommittee front of the Organizing Committee for the State Vietnam officially approved.

The program is visiting sideline for leaders, parliamentarians and distinguished guests traveling with his wife, husband attended the event the biggest parliamentary diplomacy planet. This is also an important forum for dialogue of parliamentarians worldwide and is an important milestone marking the 35th Vietnam joined the IPU-132 as well as the process of international integration of Vietnam. It is expected that about 1,500 delegates from 166 countries and territories to attend.

Accordingly, participants can actively choose to visit the famous scenic and unique cuisine of Hanoi. A little further can visit the ancient village of Duong Lam Pagoda Thay Pagoda Pass, and Tay Phuong Pagoda - where many statues of Buddha conservation express the essence of great art and statuary Vietnam is proof of a culture that has a long life.

Halong Bay dazzle visitors by creating natural cave system with excellent diversified beautiful shimmering blend of deep blue color of the vast country song, captivates people. Fairy scene of Chang'an resorts sacred landscapes to the temple, Tran temple, the government does not smoke spiraling incense and wine peaceful meditation music.

Sapa hidden wonders how much of the mountain fog rolling in, the terraced fields of grain golden season, the simple village of H'Mong, Red Dao and traditional culture unique ...

And swept Central sunny and wind convergence and kept many unique cultures of coastal people, from Quang Binh to Quang Nam, participants will experience the stunning World Heritage or explore the rich cultural tradition of its own people of Vietnam ...

The program sidelines visit to the participants by the IPU-132 reputable travel agencies only option is VIETRAVEL will undertake the organization.

Understanding the task and their responsibilities in contributing to introduce to promote the image of Vietnam and develop the tourism potential of the country, representing VIETRAVEL said the company was selected to give the program visit the emphasis is focused on investment in service quality, suitable routes of space, time and the elements of culture, religion ... to meet the high demands of the event IPU-132.