Russian researchers use 'boiling stones' to heal burns

Zeolite minerals, also known as boiling stones.

The Russian scientists are studying a unique solution in order to heal burns quickly with an affordable price by using zeolite minerals (rocks boil) to make bandaging material.

Associate Professor Kirill Golokhvastov of the Federal University Far Eastern (Russian Federation) said Zeonit is a very common type of lava, with high absorption properties such as sponges.

In Russia, the zeolite is used in surgical wound infections such as ulcer perforation, peritonitis pus ... which no other country in the world to apply.

Zeolite vacuum pus from wounds in patients where conventional medicine has not found a solution recovery.

Besides, zeolite also works to treat the disease with a high mortality rate in cattle; improve soil contamination; also used to transport fresh fish.

Russian scientist said zeolite also owns many excellent properties such as absorption of radioactive substances and heavy metals in the air.

Minerals are widely used in daily life such as crude oil extraction, cleaning polluted water.

According Golokhvastov, to clean polluted water after the Chernobyl accident, it was also used to reach zeolite. Accordingly, the water from nuclear power plants leads to flow through pits contain minerals, therefore, radiation is not absorbed into the Dnieper River and most of the land Ukraine.

Not only priority is used in Russia, Zeonit also widely used in food processing and cosmetic function, or in water filters, air-conditioning in some countries in the world.

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