Top 5 Ranking: Best POS software for retail and commerce

Retail POS Software

Before we start to see how a POS software helps your business, do you know what it is? A POS software is a program that helps you keep track of sales in your store.

The management of a store involves much more than customer service. Administration, accounting, stock management, cash register... There are many areas that you must keep up to date, and the POS retail software can help you to have everything updated, almost effortlessly.

Retail POS software

All businesses should have a POS software and leave behind old methods such as using Excel to keep track of business sales. Even the retail trade.

A POS software allows you to save time in your retail business, so you can spend more time with the customer and streamline all administrative procedures. Having all the information on sales, stock or offers and discounts, you can know the status of your business and make decisions in time.

Free Retail POS Software

You may be considering getting started with a retail POS software but don't have a big budget for it. Don't worry, there are free retail POS software options available.

Generally, they include limited functionality of the free retail POS software, which will allow you to use the essential features to keep your business up to date.

Factors to take into account to choose the best POS software
  • Scalability: We must analyze the POS software and see if it is able to grow with us, the number of users, if it is multistore, etc.
  • Price: In general the free software has many limitations, but it is always good to use the free version first to confirm if it is the software we want or if it is better to choose another one more suitable for our business. In the long run we will always have to use the paid version as it allows us to get more features, updates and technical support.
Retail POS software

Now that we are clear about what a POS software should have, let's review the qualities that will allow you to choose the best POS software for your business. Let's get started!

1. NCS Retail POS software

NCS Retail POS software is an option in the cloud that covers the entire cycle of customer sales and stock control of the store.

One of the advantages of this retail POS software is that it is somewhat customizable. The direct point of sale supports touch screen and allows configurations, which improves the usability of the system.

The software allows you to apply offers and discounts, keep orders up to date and manage tickets and invoices. All the facilities for you to offer a good shopping experience to the customer.

So that you can detect the products that sell best and offer the most profit, this POS commerce program is prepared so that you can keep track of stock and access sales statistics, thus improving decision making.

Another field in which the POS retail software helps you is the administration of the store. NCS Retail POS allows you to keep complete control of the cash flow and treasury of the business. In addition, you can link it with other NCS products, such as the accounting module or the customer loyalty module that NCS software has.

2. Glop

Glop is a retail POS software that helps to improve retail productivity. This program offers specific functionalities for each establishment so that it can gain agility. In this case, we are going to focus on the benefits of POS software for retail.

Glop allows you to automate sales, purchasing and stock management tasks from a very intuitive POS software, which allows you to customize the organization of products by families or seasons. It is compatible with a multitude of hardware and allows payment by different means, so you can easily manage sales and provide excellent customer service.

From the web, you can create customized dashboards and access reports to analyze the state of the business. It offers three different retail POS software plans to suit the size of your store.

3. Doscar

The Doscar POS software is a very intuitive program, which offers complete functionalities to manage the sales in the commerce.

This program helps to have traceability of the products in the store. You will be able to register your products with the characteristics, as well as to generate the labels for each one of them. You will be able to keep control of the stock, and make the cash closing in a simple way. In this way, you always have the warehouse under control.

So that you can streamline the administration of the business, you can create documents such as budgets, sales invoices or proforma and delivery notes from the same POS software. Keep in mind that you can always export the lists and reports to excel, pdf and word to be able to share the information or make a more exhaustive analysis of the information.

4. Visionwin

Visionwin is a free retail POS software that helps you streamline your daily operations.

Thanks to its good usability, you can manage the entire sales cycle from the program, and configure the features for each product. From the same sales screen, you can manage warehouse receipts or documents such as quotes, delivery notes, invoices or orders, as well as obtain tickets or gift vouchers to give to your customers.

This program offers you a control of what happens in your business. On the one hand, it registers the control of the cash movements, so that you can have visibility of everything that has happened. In addition, you can restrict access according to the role of the vendors, to improve information security.

If you manage several stores, you should consider the Visionwin option, since it allows you to manage the sales of several stores, whether local or online. You will be able to obtain, for each store, the sales statistics of the same.

5. Catinfog

Catinfog is the most intuitive and cheapest option, as it is a free retail POS software. This software allows you to manage the sales of physical and online store, streamlining the management of tickets and invoices and helping you to keep track of stock in the business.

As it is a program in the cloud, you can consult all the records and statistics of your retail business, with updated data. In addition, it adapts to any device so you can manage the sale from computer, tablet or mobile. All the flexibility to accelerate sales in your retail business.