The 7 best electronic invoicing or Facturae programs 2023

The electronic invoice or Facturae will soon become mandatory in Spain, so, in order to be able to invoice correctly and not have any legal problems, you should get a program that will help you manage this type of invoices.

For this reason, at Software B2B, we have prepared a list of the seven best programs for electronic invoicing that you can find and that will help you manage your electronic invoices and adapt to the requirements of this new invoicing model. In addition, we are also going to give you some information about what an electronic invoice is and when it will be mandatory in Spain, in case you still did not know this news.

What is the electronic invoice - Facturae?

The electronic invoice or Facturae format is an invoice management system developed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Finance with the aim of improving and facilitating the management of invoices between companies and the public administration by making the entire process electronic.

This type of invoice was approved on September 29, 2022 with Law 18/2022 known as the "Create and Grow" Law. This Law establishes that the Facturae format, will be the only valid invoice model in the private sphere, that is, between companies and freelancers.

This type of invoice has many benefits for both companies and public entities, among which the following stand out: the dynamization of business relations; savings in time and costs of procedures; greater accuracy in electronic transactions; reduction of late payments; greater monitoring of payments by companies and self-employed workers and, by using an automated payment platform, the reduction of the risk of human error.

When will electronic invoicing become mandatory in Spain?

The "Crea y Crece" Law establishes a timetable for the mandatory implementation of the new electronic invoice in Spain. This timetable gives six months, since the Law was published, for the administrations to provide a list of all the requirements and the information or documentation that must be included in electronic invoices.

Likewise, two timetables are established for companies, depending on their annual turnover. If the company's turnover exceeds 8 million euros, it must implement the Facturae format within a period not exceeding one year from the date of publication of the Law. If, on the other hand, the company does not reach those 8 million Euros, it has a term of up to two years.

How to issue electronic invoices?

Issuing invoices in Facturae format is quite simple, although to do so, you need a good electronic invoice management program. To do so, just follow these steps:

Prepare the data

Check that you have all the information you need to include in the invoice registered in the system, this includes your data, that is to say, the sender's data and the receiver's data. Also, you must include the elements of the invoice, such as the invoice number, the date of issue, the products or services rendered, the price of these and the amount and total amount.

Create the invoice

To create the invoice, you will need a software specialized in electronic invoices that allows you to create the file in a correct format to be able to send it later. We recommend creating it in a standard format such as CVS or XML to avoid problems when exporting it.

Sign the invoice

Invoices in Facturae format are signed with an electronic certificate, as this serves as proof of the veracity of the invoice and serves as an original electronic signature.

Send the invoice

Send the invoice to the customer through the channel you have agreed upon, such as e-mail or an electronic invoice exchange system.

Keep records

Keep a copy of the e-invoice and proof of sending so that you have proof that the invoice was sent on time, in case the recipient was unable to access it or did not receive it. Also, so that this is not a problem, always try to make sure that the invoice has reached the client's hands and that he/she has been able to open it.

Best software for electronic invoicing that you should know about

To create the electronic invoices that will be mandatory at the end of September this year, you must use software specialized in this type of invoicing. At SoftwareB2B we bring you seven of the best programs you can find:


Docuten is an electronic invoice management software that helps you both to generate and receive invoices. This program offers a security system of the highest level to keep invoices and documents protected, complying with the international standard ISO 27001.

They also comply with all current regulations in Spain related to the generation of electronic invoices, as well as those to come after the approval of the "Crea y Crece" Law. In addition, all your files, documents, invoices and records are archived and stored on Docuten's servers.

As we have mentioned, you can also receive invoices and manage them through the software, this allows you to receive the invoices that your suppliers send you in PDF format without leaving the program or to be able to access those sent to you by distribution platforms such as FACeB2B or Peppol, thanks to the integration offered by Docuten.

In addition, you will be able to offer the freelancers you work with a web form that they can access for free to generate the invoice and send it directly to the platform. On the other hand, you can configure and create different validations for invoices, which can help you automate some aspects of these. Similarly, thanks to the internal processing of invoices, you can maintain a communication channel with your suppliers that will help them to know the status of the invoice.

With Docuten you can integrate data from your ERP or ERP via API or by exchanging files via sFTP.

This electronic invoice management software has three subscription plans, the "Pro" plan is the most basic and is priced at 40 € per month, which can be paid in a single installment of 480 €, it only allows one user and 120 documents per year. The "Business" plan is more advanced and costs 60 € per month or 720 € per year, this plan increases the number of documents to 360 per year and adds storage and archiving and three editable templates.

If you think that, due to the size of your company, you may need more, Docuten offers the "Enterprise" plan in which you customize the options and the price.


Datisa64 is a program for managing, issuing and receiving electronic invoices that supports you in the digitization of your entire financial area. Their extensive experience of more than 40 years makes them ideal to entrust them with the management of your electronic invoices.

As for what Datisa software can do for you, let's start with the sent invoices. In this case, they allow you to send the invoice in two different formats per customer (PDF and file) so that you can adapt to the customer's needs. In addition, they offer a comprehensive e-mail system with which you can manage your electronic signature, the 2D barcode of your invoices or mass mailings of these. On the other hand, they give you the possibility to automate your invoicing processes with the integration of invoice generation.

As for the receipt of invoices, once they are validated by the system, they are automatically added to the VAT records and the supplier portfolio to speed up their classification and management as much as possible.

You can purchase a no obligation demo of Datisa64 through its website, this test is guided by videos, once you know if the program fits what you are looking for, you can contact their technical service to make you a no obligation quote that fits perfectly with your needs.


Billin offers a program with which you can connect all your invoices with the public administration in a short time, in addition, its platform for electronic invoices is subsidized with the Digital Kit plan that the government has launched.

This software offers you the possibility of creating and downloading your invoices in XML format, as well as connecting with the public administration you need to carry out the necessary procedures.

One of the best features of Billin is that it allows you to access its platform from a computer, Smartphone or Tablet, being able to do all kinds of tasks such as downloading invoices to your device or creating them from it.

Also, this program offers maximum security so that all your documents are protected at all times, for this, it has the certificates LSSI, LOPD, RGPD, as well as Amazon Web Services and Geotrust security.

Billin offers three subscription plans starting with the "Basic Plan", which at a price of 80 € per year plus VAT, offers the possibility of including 5 customers, 10 products and a single user. The "Pro Plan", at a cost of 150 € per year plus VAT, increases to 50 customers, 50 products and 3 users. Finally, the "Unlimited Plan" is priced at 240 € per year plus VAT and eliminates all the above restrictions.


B2Brouter is one of the best programs for electronic invoicing because it offers a comprehensive service. It not only allows you to create electronic invoices, but also provides several additional functions to facilitate their management.

Among its advantages, we can highlight that it has an interface that makes it very easy to use and very intuitive, to create an invoice you simply have to enter the data you need and the program will take care of the rest. It also allows you to customize the invoices by adding your logo, selecting the payment method and giving you the possibility of adding tax lines.

On the other hand, they offer you a delegated electronic signature service with which you can authorize the platform to sign the documents for you to save time and without the need to install any digital certificate on your computer. In addition, it has integration with FACe to make it as easy as possible for you to create and send electronic invoices.

Similarly, B2Brouter offers the possibility of receiving real-time updates on the status of invoices to know at all times if they have already been paid, if they are pending collection or if there is any incident. In addition, you can access all the platform's functionalities from any computer with an Internet connection by registering with your credentials.

B2Brouter has a free plan that offers unlimited sending of electronic invoices, archiving for three months and all the necessary functionalities to carry out all the procedures you need. To access this service you only need to register with an email address and create an account.

It also offers three other Premium plans starting with the "Professional", recommended for freelancers and professionals, this plan is priced at 100 € plus VAT per year and increases the invoice archive for up to five years and allows you to send international invoices, attach documents to invoices and receive them by email. The "Business" plan is priced at €300 plus VAT per year and adds FACeB2B and Peppol networks, integrated order and supplier invoice reception and OCR for reading PDF invoices, among other enhancements.

In addition, B2Brouter offers another plan called "Enterprise" for companies with a large invoicing volume that is fully customized according to the needs of the requesting company.


Sage is a complete accounting and invoicing software that allows you to make, receive and manage electronic invoices in a simple and fast way. This program gives you the option to create customized invoices without limits and gives you full control over sending and reading them.

The Sage software comes with a free application with which you can do all the tasks you need through your mobile devices, without having to be always in front of the computer.

Something that stands out in this program is that, being a complete software, adds many options with which you can analyze the status of your business as budgets or see the status of sales or expenses, among other features that give you total control in real time that you can use to expand your sales and profits.

You can also connect Sage to your bank accounts so that it can automatically take care of all the tasks related to collections and expenses, which will save you a lot of time. It also has a multi-user option so you can add anyone you need to your system, such as your manager. All this is done securely with certificates such as RGPD or PSD2.

Sage offers a 30-day free trial with no commitment or permanence. Once the demo is over, you can opt for three plans: "Sage Invoicing", which for 1 € per month offers you the professional invoicing system, collection, automated accounting, free app and VAT and income tax management; the second plan "Sage PRO", which for 12.50 € per month, in addition to what is included in the previous one, adds interesting options such as multiple users or add stock, products and services. Finally, the "Sage CRM" plan is the most complete and for 22.50 € per month offers all of the above and adds other functions such as a dashboard so that you can maintain total and integrated control over your business and its invoicing.


Contrasimple software is a program that integrates all of your company's invoicing, taxes and accounting in one place, helping you save both time and money as you grow your business.

Contrasimple allows you to generate customized invoices for your customers, as well as issue them to the public administration in Facturae format. In addition, you can create quotes or complete delivery notes in just a few minutes.

Being a program that integrates all the accounting part of the business, it also has a section to control your taxes such as VAT, income tax or rent withholdings, among others. With Contrasimple, as with other invoicing programs, you can add your digital signature to sign your electronic invoices and documents and send them from the application's own portal. In the same way, all the files you upload will be saved and stored in Contrasimple's private servers.

It also stands out in its control over the business, having options for monitoring stock, customers, suppliers or employee hours. As a strong point, it offers a dashboard with which you can have an overview of the state of the business and make decisions in real time, in addition, you can pull reports to review all the data that interest you.

Contrasimple has a free basic plan with which you will not be able to make electronic invoices. For this, you will have to subscribe to the "Ultimate" plan, which, being the most expensive, with a price of 13.50 € per month, allows you to do everything described above.


Quipu App is a billing management software that stands out for simplifying the entire accounting process of your company. In addition, you can get it for free through the Digital Kit of the Spanish government.

This program allows you to digitize your entire business in an easy and fast way. Among its options, we find the cross-reference of documents that allows you to know in what state they are in real time, for example, if an invoice is already paid or not, or the changes that have been made in the documents, who has made them and when.

Likewise, with its dashboard you can have real-time financial and account data to maximize your profits. You can also manage your accounts from your Smartphone with the mobile application included in all plans.

You can get a 15-day free trial of Quipu. Once you have finished, you will have to choose one of three plans: "Starter", which costs 12 € per month and is the most recommended option for freelancers who are just starting out and do not yet invoice much; "Solution" costs 20 € per month and is recommended for consolidated businesses that want to digitize and automate all day-to-day management; finally, "Business" offers a comprehensive solution for large businesses that need advanced management of payments and collections and a detailed analysis of the business for 32 € per month.

Electronic invoicing is going to be the new standard in less than a year and these seven programs are the best options for easily creating, receiving and managing them. In addition, thanks to their accounting integration systems, they also allow you to digitize your entire business to have everything at hand in the same place and increase your profits in a short time. If you need more information about software to manage your business, you can check this list of 10 invoicing programs or this top 8 about business project management software.