Toyota has a record interest

HotnewstodayToyota has set a record for profits when earned 2.17 trillion yen ($ 18.1 billion) in the fiscal year just ended in May 3. Toyota profit grew 19% yoy , thanks to strong sales in the US market and the yen declined.

Toyota President Akio Toyoda said the Japanese automaker is looking forward to the strategy of "sustainable growth", in the context of next year will be a landmark year. The carmaker plans to profit growth of 3.5% in fiscal year 2016.

After Mr. Toyoda, grandson of Toyota's founder took over the company in 2009, the company went through difficult time, with many infamous scandals in the US market. But this incident has caused millions of Toyota vehicles to be recovered.

Toyota's sales grew 6%, reaching USD 227 billion, despite the number of cars sold less than the previous year. The cost cutting and cheap yen are two key elements to support Toyota's business results. This car company still maintains its position as one of the leading car manufacturers in the world 3 years, fierce competition with Germany's Volkswagen and GM of America.

After the scandal to serve in the car, Toyota has implemented various restructuring activities, such as opening the assembly plant, reduce costs, quality control, human resources training and withdrew from inefficient projects .

Last month, Toyota announced it would invest $ 1.4 billion to build a new plant in Mexico and expansion of existing plants in China. In March, the company announced details of a new chassis system and manufacturing processes in order to cut costs.

Before the scandal, Toyota has always had a reputation for quality, however, the problem occurs suggests automakers are developing too fast.

Looking ahead, Toyota will begin producing the new models according to the new process cut costs Toyota New Global Architecture named. Under this procedure, Toyota uses more common parts for its vehicles. The first car to be produced completely according to this process is expected to be fueled vehicle combinations Prius (hybrid) gasoline-electric.