Coming electronic money based on gold price

Hotnewstoday: A new kind of electronic money is entering the market. You'll think of Bitcoin? However, unlike Bitcoin, this coin has a unique point to help it survive: be tied to the gold price.

Anthem Vault, a company active in the field of technology and metals, will release this money in the next 25/5 days.

According to a press release from Anthem Vault, this money "will be valued at market value equal to 1 gram of gold and storage would be safer Bitcoin value". New electronic currency called Hayek, "according to the economist's name reached Friedrich Hayek Austrian Nobel Prize."

Anthem Blanchard, CEO of Anthem Vault, shared with Business Insider that "gold is clearly storage value the most reliable of all times". This also explains why the new currency based on gold price.

When asked about the recent volatility of the gold price, Blanchard said: "If you look at last year, prices will fall against the dollar, but the metal prices have increased compared to most other currencies." He added that in 10-15 years the forex market even more volatile gold price. "Movements in the foreign exchange market makes me afraid."

One of the functions of the Hayek will play the role alternative payment facilities for people developing country with currency fluctuations too strong. They can pay with coins of gold equivalent value if there are contracts in such Hayek.

Another case that copper Hayek will prove useful as the modern financial system with network attacks. "My friends in the intelligence agencies say that this is a real risk. Hackers can create a service denial-of-service attack (DDoS), and bring the entire financial system paralyzed. That's when you have to rely on payment systems of us. "

Blanchard even want to expand into other metals apart from gold. "We want all the metal can be used as money. You will not uranium or plutonium can trade from home, but there is no reason why you can not own these metals. "